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Product portfolio CHARLOTTE® 4.3 MUC Screw


The CHARLOTTE®  Multi-Use Compression Screw is a cannulated, headless design that is appropriate for certain osteotomies and fusions of the forefoot and midfoot. The 4.3mm screws are excellent for talonavicular fusions, midfoot fusions, and Hallux interphalangal fusions.

Design Features

The CHARLOTTE®  Multi-Use Compression Screw obtains compression between two bony fragments via a differing thread pitch at the leading and trailing ends of the screw. The screw distinguishes itself from previous designs with its double-lead helical thread pattern at the leading end of the screw, which doubles the thread engagement in the distal bone fragment. In addition, its spiral-fluted cutting design allows the screw to be self-tapping and self-drilling in most bone.

Surgical Goals
- To provide maximum compression across the fusion site of two adjacent bones.
- To obtain maximum thread engagement in the distal fragment for maximum compression.
- To ensure that the head of the screw is completely countersunk, so profile-related issues may be avoided.